If we like your application, we'll contact you by phone for a brief telephone interview. You will then be invited down to Unbeatable Car for a face to face interview.


What to expect...

Here's a bit of advice that should help get you through the interview process smoothly:


Round 1

A simple 10 minute informal telephone chat, to discuss the basics of the job and your understanding of the position on offer.


Round 2

You will be invited down to one of UnbeatableCar's impressive sites, where you can expect to meet the person who will be your line manager. Tell them all about your relevant experience and so they can determine whether you have the capabilities that you need to excel in the role you're being interviewed for. They will be interested in who you are, what you stand for, why you're great and what you can bring to Unbeatable Car. So prepare to dazzle


Round 3

The third and final round is where you get to meet the other people you'll be working closely with. You will be shown around our premises to get a feel for the place. This is your final opportunity to tell us how brilliant you are and also to ask all of those burning questions. It’s time for you to impress, so go for it.


Top tips

1.     Now it's up to you what you'd like to wear for your interview. If you feel like dressing smart, come smart. If you feel weird wearing a suit, then come smart casual.However please dress to impress, Remember first impressions count.

2.     Clear concise answers are always best

3.     Have a few burning questions ready — it's a two-way process, don't forget

4.     We won't bite so don't get too stressed.

5.     For us, interviewing is about letting you show us your best side

6.     Jot down our address so you don't get lost and have the phone number handy in case you do

7.     Remember who to ask for when you get to reception

8.     Enjoy the experience

9.     Breathe